The Foundation

United in Love and Service
Mission Statement
The Mission of the Foundation is to secure, steward and deliver philanthropic funding that will: enhance the health, well-being, morale and quality of life of Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and their families; and, promote leadership, youth development and citizenship training for the Royal Canadian Sea, Army and Air Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers, in collaboration with the Order of St. George, its members, and Priories.  

Role of the Order of St. George Foundation
In the conduct of its business the Foundation fulfills a number of distinct roles: The Foundation is a charity and acts as a vehicle to facilitate the desires of the members of the Order and others, both collectively as the Order and/or its Priories, and as individuals, to provide philanthropic financial assistance in accordance with the shared charitable objects of the Order and the Foundation. The Foundation acts as a trustee and as such has certain fiduciary responsibilities to its donors, including the duty to ensure that the funds with which it is provided are applied in accordance with their directions. The Foundation provides advice, guidance, assistance, and expertise to the Order and its Priories on: the approval of registered charities and other qualified donees who may be selected as partners in supporting the target populations identified in our mission statement. the organization, conduct, and execution of fundraising events/campaigns in order to maximize their likelihood of success and ensure their compliance with Charity Law and CRA Regulations.
Donations made to the Foundation of The Order of St. George will be used to support charities endorsed by The Order of St. George.
Donations can be made by credit card (preferred), e-transfer or by cheque:
E-transfer to:
Cheques made out to:
The International Knightly Order of St. George Foundation
P.O Box 112,
Tillsonburg, ON N4G 4H3
Once you have successfully completed your donation, you will receive an Official Donation Receipt by email.  The Order of St. George members can also find their invoices and receipts in their member portal account.

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