Kamloops “Canadian Walk For Veterans”

September 26, 2022

by Gord Sands KStG

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday September morning when 26 brave souls came out for our first ever Kamloops version of the “Canadian Walk for Veterans”

Included in our group were our Member of Parliament, Frank Caputo, His Worship, Mayor Ken Christian, city council member Bill Sarai, Provincial Legion President Craig Thompson, and local Legion President Daniel Martin.

We also had RCMP members, veterans, and community members join us along with the Kamloops Mounted Patrol attend.

It was a relaxing 3km walk around the park with plenty of friendly conversation.

A lot of conversation centered around the plight of veterans and those who bravely supported Canadians in various missions throughout the world, and the efforts to get them to a safe place.

We also had great local media coverage, with CFJC doing a pre-event interview. they also attended and walked with us. The local newspaper, Kamloops This Week also came out and covered the walk.

Being new to Kamloops I am so grateful for the support and assistance to the Legion #52 in making this event such a success.

It was an honour and privilege for me to represent both the Order of St George, The Canadian Walk for Veterans program, and True Patriot Love program.

Canadian Walk for Veterans 2022

September 24 & 25

Canadians Walking Shoulder to Shoulder

Register Now

5th Annual Canadian Walk For Veterans

Everyone who registers for the Canadian Walk For Veterans will receive a 2022 Challenge Coin manufactured right here in Canada by veteran-owned Dracks Military Plaques. This years image depicts a Canadian soldier with his locally employed interpreter and on the back of the coin is the military creed – “Leave No One Behind”.

If you register before September 10th you’ll receive your coin at the event. For those who register after September 10th we will send you your coin by mail.

Check out this short launch video where Parliament pays tribute to the Canadian Walk For Veterans in the House of Commons – CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO

True Patriot Love Afghan Resettlement Fund

Afghan interpreters, cultural advisors and locally employed people were essential to Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. These individuals choose to support Canada and our values, despite the inherent risks.

Now that the Taliban has regained control of Afghanistan, the lives of those who offered their assistance and the lives of their families are in immediate danger. The Government of Canada has announced special measures to bring them to Canada safely and help them resettle but there will be much additional support needed.

True Patriot Love Foundation, in partnership with organizations across the country, has launched a fund to be used to assist in their resettlement once they arrive in Canada.  The fund will be distributed across Canada to local organizations working directly with Afghan refugees and their families as they adapt to life in Canada, providing support for legal costs, housing, language training, mental health supports, employment and education training and more. Learn more about True Patriot Love truepatriotlove.com

British Columbia Regiment Hill 140 Remembrance Service

by Capt (ret) the Reverend Chevalier Gord Barrett
Cascadia Priory, the Order of St George

On Tuesday, August 9, members of the British Columbia Regiment (BCRs) met at the Beatty St Drill Hall in Vancouver for their annual ceremony of remembrance forthe WWII Battle of Hill 140.The battle took place right after the Normandy Landing and was the precursor to the closing of the Falaise Gap.155 soldiers of the BCRs died in the fighting on 9th August or from their wounds shortly afterwards.

Lt-Col Chevalier Jim Barrett, was the Master of Ceremony and Parade Marshall for the 28th Armoured Regiment (British Columbia Regiment) and his brother Capt (ret) the Reverend Chevalier Gord Barrett delivered the sermon, asked for the final blessing and gave the dismissal.

Prior to the dismissal, Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Dave Sproule,on behalf of the Regiment, presented Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Diamond with a beautiful painting entitled “The Hill”.He had commissioned this wonderful piece of art from Ken Hughes, M. Des (RCA), Artist/Designer. It was a very fitting and poignant gift for the Regimental Family on this special day of Remembrance from our good friend and colleague, Colonel Sproule.

Lt-Col Barrett’s Speech

I am Lt-Col Jim Barrett, your Master of Ceremony and Parade Marshall for the 28th Armoured Regiment (British Columbia Regiment) Hill 140 Commemorative Service, in which we annually remember those soldiers from our Regiment who served gallantly overseas with the Regiment during World War II through Normandy, OPERATION TOTALIZE, and into Northwest Europe participating in the liberation of Holland and then into Germany.

Seventy-Eight years ago on the morning of the 9th of August 1944, our Regiment, as part of the 4th Canadian Armoured Division in Normandy, led the first attempt to break through the German Defenses and link up with the Americans closing the Falaise Gap and destroying the German Army in Normandy. Called OPERATION TOTALIZE The BCR and the Algonquin Regiment, travelling on the backs of our Sherman Tanks, were tasked as part of a Battle Group known as Worthington Force to lead a night assault and advance to our objective at Hill 140.

The Polish, who were supposed to advance on our left flank, were delayed when they were hit hard in error by American Bombers just prior to the launch of the assault. So we were to go it alone under the command of our Commanding Officer, Lt-Col Don Worthington. Our tanks were to know our direction by the illumination from Canadian Searchlights to our rear. Yet another innovation of our Corps Commander, Gen Guy Simmonds.

A town on the route which had not been taken as planned forced Worthington Force off to their left flank and with the subsequent dawn came under heavy fire from German 88s and headed to the high ground almost two miles from their objective and wound up on Hill 140, engaged with the Headquarters and tanks from Kurt Meyer’s 12th SS Panzer Division.

Fighting all day, 48 out of 52 tanks were lost in the battle, and the survivors fought throughout the day supported by Typhoons.

Both CO’s all Majors and many senior Officers and Senior NCOs were lost in the fighting, with the survivors escaping back to our own lines at night, leaving the seriously wounded behind to be cared for by the Germans. A captured German Officer had guaranteed their safety, and many survived because of the subsequent medical care they received. This in the face of earlier murders of Canadian Prisoners by the same SS Unit.

Following the battle, the Regiment was rebuilt and participated in the closure of the Falaise Gap prior to operations in Belgium, Holland, and into Germany by the end of the War in Europe on 8th May 1945.

155 soldiers of our regiment died in the fighting on 9th August or shortly afterwards from wounds. Today by this service we commemorate and remember them and our 28th Armoured Regiment (BCR) comrades.


A gathering of Comrades
BCR members attending the BCR Hill 140 Remembrance Service
BCRs attending the Hill 140 Remembrance Service
Capt (ret) the Reverend Chevalier Gord Barrett
delivering the sermon
Getting ready for the BCR Hill 140 Remembrance Service
Lt Col (ret.) Chevalier Jim Barrett, CD recounting the
BCR involvement in the Hill 140 battle during WWII
Old friends
Presentation of the BCR Hill 140 painting by the artists Ken Hughes, far right,
at St Julien Square next to the Beatty St Drill Hall
Presentation of the BCR Hill 140 painting by the artist, Ken Hughes,
next to the Sherman Tank in front of the Beatty St Drill Hall
Socializing after the BCR Hill 140 Remembrance Service
A chance encounter with a visiting group from England
who thanked us for doing our part in WWII.

Citadel Canine Society Fundraiser

Cascadia Priory of the Order of St George is running an ongoing fundraising campaign for the Citadel Canine Society. Donations gratefully accepted through our donation link and all money goes towards service dogs for Veterans.

CITADEL CANINE SOCIETY is a CRA registered charity that trains and delivers PTSD – OSI medical service dogs to any Military Veterans, and First Responders (police, fire, ambulance, nursing, and 9-1-1 personal). We provide these wonderful dogs at no charge to the recipients. 

Conrad and Boomer service dog from Citadel Canine

Citadel Canine is the only registered charitable training school within Canada that exclusively specializes in PTSD service dog production.  THAT’S ALL WE DO. While we are based in Vancouver, BC we have training activities stretching from Newfoundland-Labrador right across the country to British Columbia. Citadel Canine is one of Canada’s largest PTSD service dog providers, and we are Canada’s longest-running mission specific PTSD service dog provider. Half of the dogs we have paired to date have been for CF veterans, and the other half have been paired with First Responders. Within that group more than half are with police members, including a large number of RCMP members.  

You’re Invited to the Cascadia Priory 2022 Investiture

You’re Invited to the Cascadia Priory 2022 Investiture

Order of St George Badge.small

Dear Knights and Dames of the Order of St. George,

It is with distinct pleasure that I extend this Invitation to you and your guests for the in-person Investiture to be held in Vancouver (New Westminster), British Columbia on Friday, April 22nd and Saturday, April 23rd, 2022. All public health measures in place at the time will be followed. We look forward to completing the Investitures of those Members who joined the Order through our “First Step” Virtual Ceremonies held in 2020 and 2021, and also to investing some of our new Postulants in 2022.

Please note that we will hold a second Investiture on October 1st, 2022, in Kingston, Ontario, to ensure that we can complete the Investitures for everyone this year.

The Invitation and Registration can be found at this link: https://orderstgeorge.ca/vi2022/

I know that the Vancouver Investiture will be a joyous and memorable occasion, and I would like to acknowledge Cascadia Priory for their extraordinary effort in making this important ceremony a reality. All Knights and Dames are welcome to attend, and indeed I look forward, personally, to seeing everyone and meeting our newest Members.

Yours in the Spirit of St George,

Chevalier Charles R. Hill KGCStG
Grand Prior

Knighly Order Coat of Arms

Robert Howard: The most decorated American soldier in history

Robert Lewis Howard

Robert Howard is the most decorated American soldier in history. He is one of the silent warriors who spent his entire career serving his country and asked nothing in return. Throughout history, since the United States Military records are available, there have been many heroes. But, Robert Howard is a particular one that stands out. A U.S. Army soldier, and Medal of Honour recipient who is arguably the most decorated active-duty soldier who has ever served in the U.S. Military.

He was a member of the United States Army Special Forces (SF) who fought in the Vietnam War. During his active-duty service, he went from private to colonel. He spent 36 years in active-duty and during that time he was wounded 14 times over 54 months of combat.

Robert L. Howard was born on July 11, 1939, in Opelika, Alabama. While still in high school, he enlisted in the Army in 1956 at Montgomery, Alabama. He saw his first combat in the Vietnam War. His service in Vietnam included assignments with 1/327th Airborne Infantry, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, 5th Special Forces Group and now legendary MACV-SOG.

During his time in Vietnam, he served also as a staff sergeant of the highly classified Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG). MACV-SOG was considered as the forerunner of modern U.S. Army Special Forces (SF). For his actions during thirteen months spanning 1967–1968, under the MACV-SOG, Howard was recommended for the Medal of Honor on three occasions for three individual actions where he risked his life on behalf of the others.

His gallantry in action, his complete devotion to the welfare of his men at the risk of his life were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit on himself, his unit, and the U.S. Army. But, despite his heroic act, the first two nominations were downgraded to a Silver Star and the Distinguished Service Cross due to the covert and top-secret nature of the operations in which Howard participated.



You’re invited to

Please join us 3 June, 2022, at the Sage Restaurant, UBC, to celebrate the colourful life and selfless accomplishments of Lt Gordon Flowerdew, a man who left his home in Walachin BC to serve with Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) in the First World War. He led the 30 March 1918 cavalry charge at the Battle of Moreuil Wood but succumbed to his wounds shortly thereafter. He was awarded the Victoria Cross, posthumously, for his courage.


Our beneficiaries this year are the Citadel Canine Society, the UBC Equine Therapy Program, and Honour House.

For your dining pleasure we have arranged for the Executive Buffet, allowing our guests an opportunity to meet and mingle before dining while selecting their meal from an excellent menu.

Executive Buffet

bread & butter

fresh-baked organic loaves, compound butter

niçoise salad
house-smoked sablefish, potato, egg, green beans, mustard emulsion

shaved vegetable salad
cucumbers, radishes, cherry tomatoes, fennel, local baby lettuces,
toasted seeds, orange vinaigrette

confit garlic potato purée
cream, butter, fresh cracked pepper

seasonal baby vegetables
lemon-infused olive oil

crispy skin arctic char
green coconut curry, mango cilantro salsa

herb-crusted beef tenderloin
horseradish emulsion, truffle demi glace

black forest parfait
port-soaked cherries, chocolate mousse, whipped cream

fresh fruit & wild berry platter
mixed sliced fruit

salted caramel tarts
toffee crunch, maldon sea salt

milano organic fair trade coffee

four o’clock organic fair trade teas

There will be a brief presentation on Lt Flowerdew before the dinner and a still to be confirmed keynote speaker after the dinner. Seating at the Sage restaurant restricts our numbers to 200 and tickets will cost $175 each. The restaurant offers a cash bar but a limited offering of wine will be available with the meal. Port will be provided for the traditional toasts following the dinner. Tickets will go on sale by early February. In the event of cancellation of the dinner due to the current pandemic, full refunds will be made for tickets purchased. We will be arranging a block booking of accommodations through the UBC Conference Centre for out of town guests. Details to follow sometime in April.

Questions regarding this proposed event may be directed to:
Knight Commander Allan Plett, Prior, Cascadia Priory, or
Dame Commander Melanie Graham, Cascadia Priory

More information on Cascadia Priory can be found at https://cascadiapriory-ostg.org/ 
More information on The Order of St George can be found at https://www.orderstgeorge.ca/

About the Unsung Heroes Gala

The objective of an annual Unsung Heroes Gala celebrating those overlooked heroes of British Columbia is threefold. First and foremost is fundraising for Veterans projects and programs supported by Cascadia Priory of the Order of St George.  Second is to raise awareness of the rich and colourful history of British Columbians who serve or have served in the Canadian Armed Forces, Regular, Reserve or Cadet Instructor Cadre. Third is to encourage Canadian filmmakers to tell the forgotten stories of those who have served. We believe that it is through story telling that we can help raise awareness in Canada of the important but often-overlooked role that our military has played in our history. To that end we hope that the Annual Unsung Heroes Gala will help us build to an Annual Canadian Military Film Festival.

We look forward this year to begin collaboration with the Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society on the development of the Unsung Heroes Gala as a successful Annual Vancouver event in that will come to accurately reflect the cultural diversity of our regional history.

We are looking for Cascadia Priory volunteers to help us in the months ahead to make sure that the 2022 Unsung Heroes Gala is so amazing that it does more than provide funds for our 2022 beneficiaries. We’d like it to lead to ongoing success as a popular annual Vancouver fundraising event that has the added benefit of drawing the attention and interest of Vancouver Filmmakers.  Our Unsung Heroes have stories worth transforming into film!

Can’t attend but interested in sponsoring the dinner? Contact us for either a donation or to sponsor a Veteran you think would benefit from participating in the evening. Tax receipts will be available on request for the net of the ticket price (that’s $175 per person less costs) We’re also looking for donations of items for a pending silent auction.

Cascadia Investiture 22 – 23 April 2022 (Pandemic Permitting)

The up and coming Cascadia Priory Investiture will happen, tentatively 22-23 April 2022, as soon as the Public Health Gurus give the OK for a large event. This investiture has been postponed by the pandemic at least four times! We certainly have some very patient postulants.

The evening of the 22nd we will gather for a meet and greet at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel in Surrey. The Investiture is to take place on the 23rd at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in New Westminster. We are also hoping to hold a St Georges Day service on Sunday 24 April at All Saints Anglican Church, South Burnaby.

Its a major event with many moving parts so volunteers are always needed. Nominations of potential additional postulants is also encouraged. Our membership committee is led by Chevalier Steven Mohns, with help from Chevaliers Tony Moore and Edmund Wu. Chevalier Allan Plett, Cascadia Prior, will be reporting and forwarding all tentatively approved nominations to The Order of St George Canada, for final approvals.

Contact Chevalier Allan Plett.

Volunteer Form