Field Knight Recruiting

We need more Field Knight candidates. We have three to five so far.

The Field Knight/Dame Neck Medallion is awarded to the members of the Order distinguished as a ‘Field Knight’ or ‘Field Dame’. The medallion is the same as the Medal of Merit except that it is suspended by a ribbon around the neck of the wearer.

The Medal of Merit is awarded to any member of the Order for his/her outstanding contribution to the growth, development or enhancement of the Order. The medal is comprised of a darkened pewter medalion with the inscription “International Knightly Order of St. George” around its circumference, with the Canadian maple leaf centered at the bottom of the medalion. Centrally, is a relief of St. George defeating the dragon. This medallion is suspended from a red (Gules) ribbon, of approximately 1″ in width for the full sized medal, and the same for the miniature, with ribbon of approximately 1/2″ in width.

Contact us for details.